Collaboration of the members is crucial for the success of a vital openMDM® Working Group. The Working Group commits itself to cooperation applying principles of openness, transparency and meritocracy.

The collaboration process is pointed out in the following diagram.

The collaboraton process includes:

  • Annual Plan containing themes, marketing, outreach
  • Definition of requirement packages and services modules
  • Valuation of the defined packages with respect to estimated man power units, content and quality for their delivery
  • Assignment of requirement packages and / or service modules to the WG members according to their openMDM® Working Group membership fees
  • If there are no open membership fees left, voluntary donations of man power units by the openMDM® Working group members are welcome as well. Otherwise the required packages won’t be processed.
  • The execution or delivery of the assigned packages are fulfilled independently by the respective member under its full responsibility and on its own expenses. The openMDM® Working Group will not act on behalf of its members.
  • Acceptance of the corresponding services or results delivered by the openMDM® Working group members.