The openMDM® Working Group wants to foster and support an open and innovative eco-system providing tools and systems, qualification kits and adapters for standardized and vendor independent management of measurement data in accordance with the ASAM ODS standard.

In particular, the openMDM® Working Group will

  • Define requirements for the development of the openMDM® core system and its related components
  • Develop and maintain a standardized, generic business object model detailed by the ASAM ODS application model and the corresponding interface definitions
  • Help to create, fund and oversee Eclipse projects that provide the necessary software components
  • Provide the resources for managing the quality and the maturity of these components throughout the life-cycle
  • Ensure open innovation through the sharing of the research, development, and maintenance efforts as far as possible
  • Foster exchanges between academics, standardization organizations, industry partners and community
  • Provide and maintain methods and best practices for standardized and vendor independent measurement data management

Collaboration of the members is crucial for the success of a vital openMDM® Working Group. The openMDM® Working Group commits itself to cooperation applying principles of openness, transparency and meritocracy.