In order to integrate openMDM® smoothly into your infrastructure, a few requirements have to be met. These are the specifications of the openMDM® system:

  • As database management system (DBMS) openMDM® can use Oracle or MS SQL Server.
  • openMDM® components run on the operating systems Windows and Linux.
  • openMDM® is currently tested with the following ODS servers:
    • Avalon
      HighQSoft GmbH, Schloßborner Weg 6b, 61479 Glashütten, Germany
    • Peak ODS Server
      Peak Solution GmbH, Lina-Ammon-Str. 22, 90471 Nuremberg, Germany
  • openMDM® components are implemented in SUN Java from Version 1.5 and need the infrastructure required for it.
  • openMDM® uses JacORB for implementation of the OMG's CORBA standard and OSGi to control the run time configuration.