The openMDM® Industry Working Group focuses on processes, methods for standardization, data formats, techniques, frameworks and tools to fulfill its goals and vision, including:

  • Providing and establishing methods and best practices for standardized and vendor- independent measured data management on the base of the ASAM ODS standard
  • Maintenance of a reference process which serves for the positioning and classification of software components to support the reuse of software components
  • Development and maintenance of a standardized, generic business object model represented by an ASAM ODS application model and corresponding interface definitions
  • Providing a set of industry-friendly open source software components within a well defined framework
  • Providing collaborative means to make open innovation easier
  • Operating dedicated software repositories, build chains, test facilities, etc.
  • Managing the quality and maturity of tools and software components from early research prototypes through obsolescence
  • Ensuring open innovation through the sharing of the research, development, and maintenance efforts as far as possible
  • Fostering exchanges between academics, standardization organisations, industry partners and community
  • Organizing sustainable commercial services and ecosystems around those components
  • Recognizing projects maturity and company know-how and commitment through a branding process available only to openMDM® Working Group Member organizations