Code Sprint 0.7 Finished / Code Sprint 0.8 Started

The openMDM dev team has finished its most recent sprint. The internal release 0.7 is now available for download. More information is available in https://dev.eclipse.org/mhonarc/lists/mdmbl-dev/msg00055.html. During the sprint the team has elected Angelika Wittek and Alexander Nehmer as new committers to join the development team. 

The sprint towards internal release 0.8 has started on Monday, July 24th. Please refer to this dashboard for the sprint plan. Post all your questions and comment to the mdm-bl dev mailing list.

Eclipse mdmbl Sprint towards Version 0.7

Development work has begun in the Eclipse mdmbl Version 0.7 sprint. Four developers from the openMDM working group have been assigned to the sprint which will run until July 21st.  You can follow the team's design decisions on the mdmbl-dev mailing list and find out more about the new features on Eclipse Bugzilla. For details, including the initial bugs assigned, read the post from Angelika Wittek. To contribute, contact the team through the mdmbl-dev mailinglist.

Please welcome Angelika Wittek to the openMDM Team

Angelika Wittek has joined the openMDM Eclipse Working group just recently as the Toolkit Manager. Her responsibilities are the representation of the interests of the openMDM Steering Committee as the product owner of the openMDM toolkit. She will work with the developers in the related Eclipse projects as well as the Architecture Committee and the Quality Committee.

Her immediate activities are targeted towards overseeing the development activities in the related Eclipse projects, leading towards a release 1.0 of the openMDM toolkit.


openMDM at Automotive Testing 2017 Open Technology Forum

On Wednesday 21, 2017 Dr. dietmar Rapf of science + computing AG will present the openMDM roadmap at the openMDM at the Automotive Testing 2017 Open Technology Forum ins Stuttgart.

Dr. Rapf, one of the founding members of the openMDM working group and member of the steering committee will discuss vision, mission, current status and the future roadmap of the openMDM working group and the related Eclipse projects.

If you happen to be at the conference and want to know more about openMDM, please feel free to get in touch with Dr. Rapf!

Welcome Bridging IT GmbH

As of April 1, 2017 Bridging IT GmbH has become a Service Provider Member of the openMDM Working Group.

BridgingIT is an IT-consulting company with a broad portfolio of services, which spans from consulting and concept development up to implementation and operational support, including innovation and project management. It employs over 500 employees in 12 locations in Germany and Switzerland. BridgingIT provides services for a wide array of sectors, energy, mobility and retail, among others.

Please join me in welcoming Bridging IT in our community!

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